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Financial Week 2013 RSS

  • Financial Week 2013: Management expense ratio

    Do you know what you’re paying for your mutual funds? The “management expense ratio” or MER, tracks the percentage value of your funds going to pay the fund company and advisor. As Mike Eppel reports, even a small percentage change can make a big difference in your savings rate.

  • Financial Week 2013: Canada Pension Plan

    A majority of Canadians say they plan to rely on the Canada Pension Plan for at least part of their retirement. Matt Padanyi looks at what you can expect from the program.

  • Financial Week 2013: Investments and economic realities

    Have you adjusted your investment strategy to the new economic realities? As Mike Eppel reports, the expectations of eight to 10 per cent yearly returns may be a thing of the past.

  • Financial Week 2013: Where to put investment money

    With the multitude of mutual funds and investment opportunities, some may feel overwhelmed with the idea of figuring out where to put their investment money. As Mike Eppel reports, keeping things as simple as possible will help streamline the plan.

  • The corporate logo for BMO Financial Group (Bank of Montreal) is shown. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO

    Financial Week 2013: Talk with our Kids about Money Day

    The Bank of Montreal has teamed up with the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education to help teach financial literacy to children. Matt Padanyi takes a closer look at “Talk with our Kids about Money Day”.

  • Financial Week 2013: Retirement goals

    Do you know how much money you will need for retirement? A higher percentage of Canadians apparently don’t. Mike Eppel reports on getting a handle on your future goals.

  • Financial Week 2013: Impact of interest rates on borrowers and investors

    The Bank of Canada recently stepped back from its hawkish tone on interest rates, suggesting the key lending rate will stay at one per cent for at least another year. Matt Padanyi asks an economist how this impacts borrowers and investors.

  • Financial Week 2013: Consolidation loans

    Did you come out of the Christmas holidays with too much high interest consumer debt? Mike Eppel explores the option of consolidation loans.

  • Financial Week 2013: TFSA’s and young Canadians

    Save, save, save! Matt Padanyi speaks to an expert about why tax-free savings accounts are an increasingly popular vehicle for younger Canadians looking to save for their retirement.

  • Financial Week 2013: TFSA’s vs. RRSP’s

    It’s one of the biggest questions facing young Canadians, who are just starting to invest for the future – should you start with a TFSA or an RRSP? Matt Padanyi searches for an answer.