I was born and raised in the Keele Street and Lawrence Avenue West area of the city. I just turned 60 years old last week and I think it’s worth pointing out that even though I have covered a number of gun-related incidents over the years from the radio studio, I have never, in all of those 60 years living in Toronto ever seen a gun on the street or heard the sound of gun shot. Not once, not ever

I have; however, been in a war zone. I travelled to Saudi Arabia to cover the first Gulf War, and I can tell you I saw hundreds of guns being carried withing minutes of getting off the plane the got me there. I also heard a lot of people screaming every time a scud missile roared overhead into the region from Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. We wore gas masks, gas suits and flack jackets. I lived under those circumstances for almost a month, and yes, it was frightening and anxious time.  

Yes, Toronto has had its share of gun-related incidents lately, but to characterize the city or compare it to a “war zone” is utterly irresponsible and inflammatory. What’s even more disgusting, is that police officer who stoked the fear mongering chose to remain anonymous

Trust me, war is hell! Toronto is heaven.