Happy New Year!!

Well we made it through another holiday season and most of us are back to the old routine.  But, since it is a new year, I thought I would start it off with a new year’s resolution.

Over the Christmas break I had a situation arise where I was in need of roadside assistance.  I called the company I deal with and ended up waiting for four hours before I finally gave up!  And it wasn’t even a snowy day, although they did tell me that they were very busy.  So that got me to thinking about a new year’s resolution that might help me become a bit more independent as a driver.  I resolve to learn how to change a tire! 

Believe it or not, I have never changed a car tire.  I have had my latest car now for over a year and I don’t even know where the spare tire is, or where the jack is kept.  I mean, how hard can it be to find?  So I am going to go through my car and find all the things I need to change a tire and actually do it while my car is sitting safely in my driveway.

But, if I am ever in a situation where I do need to change my own tire, I am not going to compromise safety.  I know that if you drive on a flat tire you can ruin the tire and the rim.  But being safe is more important.  If your tire goes flat on a major route, always try to get to an exit and only pull over when it is safe to do so.  So many times here at the traffic centre we get calls from concerned motorists regarding someone changing a tire while on a major highway.  This is so dangerous.  You can always replace a tire and a rim….just make sure you put safety first!

Another thing to remember about tires is to make sure you check your spare tire every once in a while to make sure that it is useable.  A few years ago I ended up with a flat and called for assistance. When help arrived they pulled out the spare from under my car (it had been there for at least 10 years) and it was rusted right through!!  In this climate having a spare under the car is not the best place to keep it as it is so you need to be extra diligent in checking your spare if that is where it is kept.

So that is my resolution … change a tire.  Not earth-shattering by any means, but it is a resolution that I should be able to keep and hey … at least I’ll be learning a new skill.