Maybe I’ve just been lucky in the past, but I can honestly say that I have never had to deal with roads that are in as rough a shape as they seem to be lately.

During Toronto’s inside and outside workers’ strike, we are stuck with the potholes. We’ll have to wait till after the strike for any repairs to roads, sidewalks and city highways.

But that isn’t my biggest problem. This summer, my neighbourhood has been targeted for major repairs and the roads are in deplorable condition because of it.

For example, there is a huge stretch of Islington, from Bloor to almost Eglinton, that has been down to a single lane each way for a few months now. But it’s not just the delays that are the problem. The single lane that we do have to drive on is terrible. There are raised maintenance covers down the whole stretch. Cars are swerving into the oncoming lane to avoid them. And when you do hit one ahead of you, you can feel your car shudder as your entire shock absorption system receives an immediate jolt.

A fair number of the small side streets are also undergoing repairs and there are so many rough road surfaces, and I mean rough!! You know, those patches of road that dip down suddenly and then rise up again a few meters later. There is one city block close to my home that has about five of these on it. I am running out of roads to take around my house that will not potentially damage my car. 

Even though I drive really slowly in these areas, I can still feel my car bottom out. I make sure that I don’t brake, so my tires can roll freely in these rough areas. If your wheels aren’t moving, then you are likely to sustain more damage. Regardless, I am wondering just how much punishment my car can take before I end up doing some serious damage to my alignment or struts. My car is already really pulling to the left and one of my hubcaps is bent.

Well, it’s time for me to drive home now. Wish me luck!