Ok, this is no longer funny Rob. Get a driver before you do serious harm to yourself or somebody else. 

You haven’t yet been caught texting, tweeting or e-mailing on the BlackBerry, but given your personality, no one doubts that you do. Many of us do it too, until we’ve had the crap scared out of us by looking up to see the red brake lights of the car in front coming at us faster than our brains can process. 

It took just one change of underwear for many of us to drop the BlackBerry or iPhone while driving, but you seen to think you are immune from disaster because you are “busy.” What is it going to take for you to accept a driver? The cops have begged you, your big brother has begged you and the public is urging you to let someone else drive while you work and return calls.

Is it the cost? Or giving up control? Is it a simmering sibling rivalry that leads you to ignore your big brother? We know you have an uber-work ethic and that you are preoccupied with saving tax payer money. So let your big brother pay for a driver. He’s offered and he can afford it. 

What you fail to understand is that you can’t afford to keep being so hard-headed about this because people are laughing out loud at how stupid your reaction seems to be. In politics, it’s good when people laugh along with you, but once they start laughing ”at” you, political days are numbered.

Maybe your new chief of staff can convince you to get a driver, or maybe it will have to be George Cohon, or Robert Deluce, or Paul Godfrey or Ralph Lean, or Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, or your mother, or me.