As Mayor Rob Ford meets with Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Toronto, Ont., Tuesday, to discuss this city’s fight against against guns and gangs, you have to wonder how the PM will explain to him that the idea of somehow preventing anyone convicted of gun crimes from living in Toronto, after they get out of jail, would be a pretty tough legal act.

You gotta love the mayor’s “no B.S.” response though to the Toronto shootings, even if he is way off the mark in his understanding of what is legal possible. It’s similar to his simplistic “stop the gravy train” mantra that has resonated with so many people. None of his ideas may be legally or (process) possible, but he really doesn’t really care — which is why his core base of support stays with him.

Ford and Harper are personal pals, backyard BBQ buddies and like-minded political allies, so if anyone can extract money from the federal purse to fight crime, it is Ford. And because they are such good pals, the PM will find a way to let the mayor down gently on the municipal extradition idea without embarrassing him.

Although I’m not sure anyone could embarrass Ford.