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  • Aug. 18: Banning e-cigarettes, warning labels for pain killers, doctor’s visit


    • Toronto Board of Health discussing whether e-cigarettes should be banned from public spaces
    • Federal government is putting stronger warning labels on extended release pain killers
    • Do you feel your opinion matters when you go to the doctor?
  • Robin Williams

    Aug. 15: Bill Cosby on Robin Williams’ death, in vitro fertilization & vitamin D


    • Comedian Bill Cosby spoke to 680News reporter Rudy Blair about what makes him so mad about Robin Williams’ death
    • Researchers say women undergoing in vitro fertilization can be 50 per cent less likely to conceive if they’ve deficient in vitamin D
  • aspirin

    Aug. 14: Aspirin & breast cancer, growth hormone deficiency treatment, finances


    • Researchers say Aspirin can reduce the recurrence of breast cancer in overweight and obese women by more than 50 per cent
    • Children who have received treatment for growth hormone deficiency are more likely to suffer a stroke when they are older, research finds
    • Study finds September is a good time to make a fresh start in your finances
    • Being overweight and obese can increase the risk of developing one of 10 of the most common cancers, according to a study
  • Aug. 13: Stretching before exercise, ALS fundraising


    • It’s important to stretch before you exercise, even if you’re playing a round of golf
    • Ice Bucket Challenge has become the most successful fundraising campaign for ALS
  • Ebola

    Aug. 12: Ebola drugs, soccer concussions


    • WHO has agreed it is moral to give experimental Ebola drugs to patients in Africa
    • Professional soccer players who sustain a concussion are more likely to suffer another over the following year
  • Aug. 11: Being happy, napping, health & older cities


    • Scientists say they’ve uncovered the secret to happiness
    • Study suggests taking a nap may depend on your age
    • Researchers have discovered that older, more compact cities are better for your health
  • Aug. 8: Ticks & meat allergies, diagnosing cancer, chiropractic treatment


    • If you’re travelling to the U.S., you may want to take care against being bitten by a type of tick that causes meat allergies
    • American scientists think they’ve come up with a better way to diagnose cancer
    • Both the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association are warning of the dangers of a common chiropractic treatment
  • Aug. 8: Resuscitation protocol, tech-savvy, middle-aged suicides

    • Some Canadian hospitals are changing their thinking about relatives being present when a resuscitation team rushes to a patient’s side
    • Research backs up the notion that young people are top of the class when it comes to being tech-savvy
    • Study shows an alarming increase in suicide attempts by middle-aged people related to drugs
  • FILE - In this undated file image by the CDC shows an ebola Virus. U.S. health officials on Thursday, July 31, 2014, warned Americans not to travel to the three African countries, hit by an outbreak of Ebola. The travel advisory applies to non-essential travel to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. (AP Photo/CDC, File)

    Aug. 6: Ebola crisis, shark repellent, worker productivity

    • Nurse who helped treat American Patrick Sawyer has died of Ebola in Nigeria
    • Shark Shield is a high-tech device that acts as an electronic shark repellant
    • Research claims allowing employees to surf the Internet at work can boost their productivity
  • Aug. 5: Swimmer’s itch, leaving child at home, medical help for Gaza children

    • Swimmer’s itch can be seen in swimmers with exposure to an organism in lake water
    • There’s no legal age to leave your child at home but the guideline is 10 years old
    • Ontario is promising to help children caught in the current Middle East conflict who need medical help
    • New programs if offering palliative car for the homeless