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  • Sept. 29: Breast cancer drug, radiation marks, birth control education


    • New breast cancer drug is reportedly unprecedented success in extending lives
    • Leading plastic surgeon in Toronto is offering women to remove their radiation marks, once they have finished treatment
    • American Academy of Pediatrics says doctors should counsel teens on birth control
  • Ebola

    Sept. 26: Ebola vaccine & update, foot arch tissue pain


    • WHO says thousands of doses of experimental Ebola vaccine should be available by the end of the year
    • President Barack Obama gave an update on how the U.S. is fighting Ebola
    • What happens when the tissue that supports the arch in your foot gets strained?
  • Sept. 25: Diabetes & manual jobs, Canadian aid for Ebola, suicide risk


    • Study shows people in manual jobs who put in more 55 hours a year could be at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes
    • Canada is contributing another $30 million to the fight against the Ebola outbreak in West Africa
    • Research finds perfectionism is a big risk factor when it comes to suicide
  • Sept. 24: Marriage on the decline, senior centre funding, Ebola vaccine


    • Research suggests being wed is on the decline but it may be because of the economy
    • Ontario to spend $11.5 million to help fund hundreds of seniors centres
    • WHO says a vaccine should soon be available to control the Ebola outbreak
  • Ebola

    Sept. 23: Ebola case update, UN Climate Summit, medical wait times


    • CDC says there could tens of thousands of unreported Ebola cases in Liberia and Sierra Leone
    • Speaking at the UN Climate Summit, U.S. President Barack Obama says no country would get a pass in the fight against global warming
    • Poll finds eight out of 10 Canadians say the government needs to take a larger role in reduce wait times for medical care
  • Twitter bird

    Sept. 22: Twitter as teaching tool, seatbelt-related fatalities, spontaneous coronary artery dissection


    • Instead of banning smartphones from the classroom, one high school teacher in Florida is using Twitter as a teaching tool
    • OPP say seatbelt-related road deaths in Ontario are heading for a 10-year low
    • Spontaneous coronary artery dissection is a rare condition that occurs when a tear develops on the inside of a coronary artery
  • Sept. 19: St. Michael’s Hospital donation, bad posture


    • St. Michael’s Hospital has received its single largest donation ever
    • Study finds bad posture can lower your libido, and make you angry, depressed and self-absorbed
  • Sept. 18: Cancer diagnosis, NFL advertisers, enterovirus D68

    • Canadian Cancer Society says over 60 per cent of Canadians diagnosed with cancer will survive at least five years after diagnosis
    • When it comes to domestic violence in the NFL, will the pull or push of advertisers make a difference
    • McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton says enterovirus D68 with a “high degree of certainty” in more than two dozen children
    • Survey finds fewer families are making family mealtime part of their daily lives
  • Sept. 17: Mental health report, gout ailment

    • New mental health report finds the majority of Canadians are feeling good about life, others are not functioning as well
    • Gout is often described as a complex form of arthritis
  • newborn

    Sept. 16: Breastfeeding benefits, prostate cancer, Ikea fabric swing recall

    • Research finds an unexpected long-term benefit to mothers who breastfeed
    • Study suggests a specific baldness pattern could be connected to a greater risk of prostate cancer
    • Ikea recalls Gunggung fabric swing because the suspension fitting could break, causing a fall
    • Alberta’s two CFLs teams are working to help end domestic violence