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    Sept. 25 – Twins and triplets

    What you need to know if you’re having twins or triples. Reported by Anne Lavrih

  • Influenza A H1N1 variant detected in Ontario man

    News staff

    A case of influenza A H1N1 (swine flu) variant has been detected in a man in the southwestern part of the province, Ontario’s chief medical officer of health said Tuesday. Dr. Arlene King said the adult man became sick after being in close contact with pigs, and is being treated in hospital. She also said

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  • XL Foods Inc., and various retailers, processors and distributors have voluntarily recalled several ground beef products

    Ground beef recall expands to include more products

    The Canadian Press

    OTTAWA – The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has again expanded its health hazard warning about ground beef products from XL Foods of Alberta.

  • E. Coli

    Health officials look into 5 E. coli infections in Alberta

    The Canadian Press

    EDMONTON, Alta. – Health officials in Alberta said they are investigating five cases of E. coli infections in people but are not linking them to an extensive recall of ground beef. Alberta Health Services said four of the infections are in Edmonton and one is in Calgary. A media report on CTV Calgary said a

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  • chicken wings

    CFIA warn of undeclared egg & wheat in brand of chicken wings

    News staff

    The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is warning people with allergies to egg and wheat not to consume certain Poultry Place brand chicken wings. The affected products, which were sold across Ontario, contain egg or wheat, which are not declared on the label. Below is a list of the products: Product Size Code Allergen   Krispy Chicken

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  • Kydon brand tahini has been recalled from the marketplace due to undeclared peanuts on the label

    Kydon brand tahini recalled due to undeclared peanuts on label

    News staff

    The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is warning people with peanut allergies not to consume the Kydon brand tahini, as it may contain peanuts, which aren’t declared on the label. The affected product — from Greece — is sold in a 500-millimetre container bearing UPC 6 90651 77450 6 and best before date 16-10-2013. Parthenon Food

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  • Junk food

    September 17 – Disney bans junk food advertising

    In an initiative to improve children’s health, Disney will ban advertising for junk food on Disney TV, radio and online programs for children under 12. 680News food and nutrition expert Rose Reisman on the move to healthier advertising.

  • More cases of early puberty among girls being reported

    Lynda Parcells

    Many girls, some as young as 7-years-old, are going through early puberty. The phenomenon when puberty occurs at an unusually early age is known as precocious puberty. Health officials have noticed more cases in recent years, and health expert Lorna Vanderhaeghe says it could be a sign hormones in children are too high. She adds

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  • Sept. 12 – Managing Type 2 diabetes

    A balanced diet and regular exercise can help manage Type 2 diabetes. Reported by Anne Lavrih

  • Online tool launched to help women cope with menopause

    News staff

    If you think you might be going through menopause, there’s a new online tool to gauge your symptoms and find ways to deal with it. The “menopause symptom profiler” was created by Toronto Dr. Elaine Chin, an MD and naturopathic doctor who focuses on women’s health. More info The symptoms are based on surveys of

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