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Police seek 'mystical healer' in Toronto sex assault, fraud investigation

Security camera image of a man wanted in an alleged sexual assault at the Eaton Centre on Oct. 17, 2017. HANDOUT/Toronto Police Service

Police say they’re looking for a man who described himself as a “mystical healer” in a Toronto sexual assault investigation.

It’s alleged the man approached a 38-year-old woman in the downtown Eaton Centre mall on Oct. 15 and told her he was a mystical healer.

Investigators allege the two met again on Oct. 17 in the Eaton Centre and the woman paid the man for a healing session and was sexually assaulted.

The suspect is around 35 years old, five-foot-eight with a stocky build, and a dark thick moustache. At the time, he was wearing a black skull cap, blue sweater, white dress shirt underneath, black pants, black shoes, carrying a black messenger bag.

Police say he is wanted for fraud and sexual assault.

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@Dr. M: LOL, Yep there sure are a whole bunch of winners around these days, unfortunately natural selection does not work when the smart people look after the not so smart ones. Miss the good old days when people had to either survive on their own skills and prowess or die trying. The whole world is a mess now!

November 10, 2017 at 9:58 am

“…the woman paid the man for a healing session…”

PLEASE tell us more – what the heck was the woman seeking healing for? Stupidity?

November 10, 2017 at 10:08 am