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Police warn students targeted for back-to-school electronics thefts

Police are reminding students and parents to be wary of theft this back-to-school season.

Students loaded up with brand new iPads, cellphones, and laptops have traditionally been a target for thieves, said Toronto police in a news release.

Police at 33 Division are offering the following safety tips:

  • Keep money, all electronic devices or other valuables out of sight and close to you at all times
  • If you don’t need the device or item at school, please keep it at home
  • Be aware of your surroundings and who is around you
  • Report any suspicious or criminal incidents to the police as well as your school
  • Talk to the police officers in and around your school; they are there to help
  • Keep a record of all serial numbers for your items in a safe place at home
  • Walk in groups when possible
  • If you walk alone, please do not use earbuds/head phones and remain aware of spaces and/or persons in the area