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Software glitch causing significant St. Clair Ave. streetcar delays

A software glitch is being blamed for an increase in the time TTC commuters spend on the St. Clair Avenue streetcar.

The right-of-way project on the roadway was supposed to make travel easier and faster on the 512 St. Clair streetcar. The project was over budget, and construction made life a nightmare for residents and businesses for years while it was being built.

Now the TTC says the glitch is causing transit signal priority light problems on the route and that 11 out of 30 stops along St. Clair Avenue that are supposed to give streetcars the right of way aren’t working.

That’s adding eight minutes to the round trip, and in the short-term the TTC will amend its schedule in October.

“You take five or six seconds, seems like nothing, but over the course of an entire route and an entire day, it accumulates of course and has a negative impact – a domino effect, if you will, on the schedule,” TTC spokesperson Brad Ross said. “We are going to adjust our schedules to take that into consideration.”

Problems with the software were identified back in the spring, and in a phone interview with CityNews, Rajnath Bissessar of Toronto’s Transportation Services department said the glitch could take a few more months to fix.