Long-term transit projects have been a hot topic in the ongoing Toronto mayoral campaign, but a new report from the Toronto Transit Commision focuses on short-term improvements that could start as early as January.

The Opportunities to Improve Transit Service in Toronto report — released on Friday in advance of Tuesday’s TTC Board Meeting — aims to address immediate, short-term projects that could ease stress on the service through nine changes to bus and streetcar service.

Here’s what you need to know about that plan.

1. The nine recommendations:

  • Implement all-door boarding and proof-of-payment on all streetcar routes
  • Reduce wait times and crowding on bus and streetcar routes
  • Establish a city-wide network of Ten-Minute-or-Better bus and streetcar services
  • Expand the Express Route Network with new and improved express bus routes
  • Implement more transit priority measures, like programming traffic lights to change for approaching buses and streetcars
  • Add resources to improve service reliability and route performance
  • Operate all routes all day, every day across the city
  • Change the one-trip-per-fare to a two-hour-travel-privilege-per-fare
  • Expand the overnight bus and streetcar network

2. When these initiatives, if adopted, would start: All-door boarding and time-based transfers could begin in January of 2015. Other initiatives will roll out later, as infrastructure and staff would need to increase.

3. How much it would cost: Service expansions would start at $19 million in 2015, growing to $69 million per year annually by 2018, with the majority going to labour, fuel, and maintenance of vehicles. Another $288 million in additional capital funding for infrastructure will need to be spent, spread over five years.

4. What the time-based transfer would cost the TTC: An estimated $20 million in lost revenue.

5. Who has the final say on whether the report is implemented: The report will be discussed at the TTC meeting on Tuesday, but would need to be passed by city council.

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