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'Live-tweet,' 'amazeballs' among new words on Oxford Dictionaries site

Oxford Dictionaries’ latest update to its online dictionary includes the word “amazeballs.”

The dictionary has listed new words that are popular, including stand-outs, “binge-watching,” “adorbs,” “cray,” and “side boob,” among others.

Here’s the list Oxford published on its blog:

acquihire dox neckbeard
amazeballs e-cig olinguito
anti-vax FML pharmacovigilance
baller fratty pogonophobia
air punch hench side boob
bare hexacopter side-eye
bedroom tax hot diggity SMH
binge-watch hot mess spit take
brick hot mic subtweet
bro hug humblebrag trackback
catfish hyperconnected trigger warning
clickbait ICYMI vape
cord cutter in silico vax
cotch listicle WDYT
cray live-tweet YOLO
doncha mansplain zonkey
douchebaggery nailed on

The meaning of some of these words can also be found on Oxford’s blog.