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Mayor Ford focuses on jobs in re-election tax platform announced Tuesday

Mayor Rob Ford focused on jobs while he outlined his re-election tax platform on Tuesday.

Ford said transit is not the city’s number one issue, jobs are. He said people don’t need transit if don’t have a job to go to.

“When we are working, we are working day in and day out to reduce the size and cost of government to keep your taxes low,” Ford said. “My administration has found $750 million in efficiency and budgetary savings which are reinvesting to offset the need for future taxes.”

Ford added that unnecessary spending has to come to a “halt” and said that a report finds families spend about 42 per cent of their income on taxes.

“My top priority is keeping more money in your pocket where it belongs,” Ford said.

He was speaking to media at a news conference at his campaign headquarters in Etobicoke.