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Woody Allen's handprints to be displayed on walk of fame in Pawtucket, R.I.

FILE - In this Aug. 27, 2013, file photo, director and actor Woody Allen appears at the French premiere of "Blue Jasmine," in Paris. Allen has added his handprints to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, located in Pawtucket, R.I., but not the one in California. Allen was in town on Thursday, Aug. 7, 2014, filming a new movie, and he agreed to add his handprints to the small “walk of fame” in the old mill town. Allen put his prints into wet cement Thursday afternoon, and it will be installed at a later date. (AP Photo/Christophe Ena, File)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Legendary director Woody Allen has added his handprints to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but not the one in California.

It’s in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Allen was in town Thursday filming a new movie that stars Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix.

Local officials say they worked with Allen’s crew as he filmed at a newsstand and elsewhere, and the director agreed to add his handprints to Pawtucket’s so-called “Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

Allen put his prints and signature into wet cement Thursday afternoon while filming in neighbouring Providence. The panel will be installed later.

Pawtucket’s walk is outside a city diner and includes handprints from Dustin Hoffman and others from the movie “American Buffalo,” which was filmed in the blue-collar mill city in 1995.

Local officials are still hoping Phoenix and Stone will add their handprints.

“It’s our dream that we complete it with the last two stars,” Bob Billington of the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce said Friday. “We respect everybody’s privacy, but we’re hoping that we’ll be graced with that opportunity.”

Allen’s handprints aren’t on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles. Neither are Hoffman’s, Phoenix’s or Stone’s.