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Brampton mayor broke spending rules, council calls for police investigation

Brampton mayor Susan Fennell. Courtesy: BRAMPTON.CA.

Brampton’s embattled mayor is facing more accusations of improper spending, following the release of a four-month forensic audit, and council has voted unanimously in favour of a police investigation into the findings.

The audit, done by Deloitte Canada, found Mayor Susan Fennell and her staff broke the city’s spending rules 265 times.

The audit found Fennell and her staff spent more than $130,000 over a seven-year period on high-cost airfare, premium hotel rooms, and personal costs.

Some of the mayor’s personal expenses include cellphone charges for IQ quizzes and an Apple iTunes download.

It also found another $155,000 in spending may have breached city rules; however, not enough information was provided by the mayor to show how that money was spent.

The audit also found Brampton councillors had almost $43,000 in wrongly-charged expenses.

“I have not read all of the report. I accept much of what it has to say, but not all of what it has to say,” Fennell said in a written statement.

“I accept responsibility for all that I do as Mayor of Brampton, positive and less positive.”

The audit, which was was released on Tuesday night, was ordered by Brampton City Council in 2013 after media reports exposed the mayor’s lavish spending. It will be presented to city council at its meeting on Wednesday.

Deloitte has released eight recommendations for Brampton City Hall to keep better tabs on spending, including training for councillors on proper spending policies.

Fennell is running for re-election in the Oct. 27 municipal election.

Forensic Audit of Brampton mayor and councillors

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