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Subway service resumes on Line 1 after flooding cleanup

TTC riders getting on a shuttle bus at Lawrence West station on Aug. 5, 2014. CITYNEWS/Jeff Ducharme

Subway service has resumed on Line 1 (Yonge-University-Spadina) following flooding at St. Clair West station.

Subways were not running between Spadina and Lawrence West stations since around 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday, but service resumed just before noon.

Around one metre of water flooded St. Clair West station, and Toronto Fire and TTC crews worked to remove the water from track level.

TTC spokesperson Jessica Martin told 680News there was an issue with the pumping system at the station.

Catch basins, which sit below track level, collect water in cases of flooding. The pumps then remove the water from the catch basins before it reaches travel level.

However, Martin said “there was a blockage in between the catch basin and the city’s watermain, which prevented that water from dispersing properly.”

At one point, 70 shuttle buses are running between Spadina and Lawrence West stations.