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Chief Blair accuses Doug Ford of lying, prepared to take legal action

Toronto police Chief Bill Blair says nobody in his force leaked word of a possible subpoena for Rob Ford, calling the mayor’s brother a liar. Chief Blair also said that he’s prepared to take legal action against Councillor Doug Ford.

Coun. Ford on Friday suggested that the leadership of the Toronto police leaked to the media that the force is allegedly preparing to subpoena Mayor Rob Ford to testify in the extortion trial against Sandro Lisi, the mayor’s former friend and accused drug dealer.

“Doug Ford is lying and I’m ready to take legal action,” Blair stated via Mark Pugash, his spokesman.

Friday morning, Doug Ford told reporters: “When you have the leadership of the police department releasing a subpoena to the media before they release it to the mayor … you wonder why we need a change at the top? That’s one of the reasons we need a change,” referring to the recent ousting of Chief Blair earlier this week.

“It’s disappointing, again, that the police chief, in my opinion, would condone this behaviour from his department.”

The Ford brothers have been vocal opponents of the chief.

A report in the Toronto Star on Friday morning said that the police are about to subpoena the mayor.

“I’m very disappointed that they’d release this to the Toronto Star and some other media outlets,” Coun. Ford said. “But again, maybe it’s a little payback, in my opinion. That’s my opinion. It’s a little payback. You know exactly what I’m talking about.”

According to the newspaper, a meeting was arranged on Thursday to serve the mayor but was postponed when the media got wind of the meeting.

Ford’s lawyer told the Star it’s not a matter of if the mayor will get notice, but when.

Lisi’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 2, 2015.

He is facing extortion charges in connection to his alleged attempts to retrieve the video of Mayor Ford smoking crack with alleged gang members.

Lisi is also facing drug charges in a separate trial.