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6-week distracted driving blitz kicks off in Toronto and York region

If you’re tempted to respond to a text, or answer the phone while behind the wheel today, just remember — police are watching.

A six-week distracted driving blitz kicks off on Tuesday morning in both Toronto and York region.

“People on the phone, playing with the radio, putting on makeup, eating… (I’ve seen) all kinds of stuff,” a commuter named Joey said.

Studies show that drivers who are texting are 23 times more likely to get into a collision.

“I see (drivers texting) at least 10 times a day,” another commuter named Robert said.

Getting caught holding a handheld-device while driving can result in a $280 fine.

Distracted driving charges (due to hand-held devices) laid in Ontario (2010-2014), according to the OPP:

2014 (to date): 9,882

2013: 19,012

2012: 16,011

2011: 16,932

2010: 8,111

Distracted-related collision deaths in Ontario:

2014 (to date): 31

2013: 86

2012: 86

2011: 83

2010: 82

2009: 71