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Canada Post driver caught on camera unleashing anger on cyclist

Canada Post has launched an investigation after one of its workers was caught on camera unleashing expletives on a cyclist.

On Tuesday evening, Diane Jansen was biking down St. George Street, south of Harbord, when she came upon the delivery truck stopped in a bike lane — it’s illegal to do so in Toronto.

“Vehicles are parked in the bike lane all the time,” Jansen said.

“It really is on the cyclist to police the bike lane law.”

She pulled out her phone to report the vehicle to Toronto parking enforcement, and when she did, the driver became angry.

He started swearing and even threw something at her.

The worker’s extreme response prompted Jansen to start recording the interaction.

“When I saw his reaction, I decided I should get this on video. No one’s going to believe me otherwise,” Jansen said.

“There was no interaction before I started the video. I pulled out my phone and I started recording. I didn’t say anything to him … not once — not after, not before, not during.”

Jensen has filed a formal complaint with Canada Post.

“I think Canada Post does not want people wearing that uniform to be acting like this driver was acting, so I have faith that they’ll take it seriously,” Jansen said.

The fine for blocking a bike lane is $150.