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Mammoliti's pay docked; criminal lawyer to probe code-of-conduct case

Toronto city council has voted to dock Giorgio Mammoliti’s pay and hire a criminal lawyer after the councillor was found to have taken improper campaign contributions.

Integrity Commissioner Janet Leiper issued a report which found the $80,000 Mammoliti received from a fundraising event in May 2013 went against the municipal code of conduct, and she has called for him to be suspended.

On Wednesday, council voted to dock Mammoliti three months’ pay and to hire a criminal lawyer to examine the case.

Mammoliti issued a statement in his defence, in which he said he’d done nothing wrong.

“At the end of the day it is the courts that will determine whether or not in fact the event was appropriate,” said Mammoliti. “We believe that the policy at city hall allows for a family member or friends to come together and help out.”

He said the event was to celebrate his recovery from a life-threatening illness and to raise funds to help pay for unspecified legal defences.

Mammoliti also said his staff volunteered to help with the fundraiser on personal time.
He said his family and friends organized the whole thing while he was in hospital.

“All of this is being done simply to embarrass me prior to the municipal election,” he said.

He also said integrity commissioner, city staff and councillors will be held accountable should he prevail in the courts.

Giorgio Mammoliti Statement