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McGuinty told detectives probing gas plant documents that his office kept few records

Ontarians may have given Liberals a pass on election night for the cancelled gas plants scandal that cost taxpayers $1.1 billion, but the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) haven’t been so forgiving.

The OPP continues to probe the deletion of documents related to the two plants in Mississauga and Oakville.

On Friday, the details of an interview conducted by OPP anti-rackets detectives with former Premier Dalton McGuinty in relation to deleted documents were made public.

The interview was part of an ‘Information to Obtain a Production Order’ the OPP filed with the Ontario Court of Justice.

During the interview, which took place in April, McGuinty told police his office kept few records and was overwhelmingly “verbal in nature.”

He also told police he was unfamiliar with the policies surrounding record keeping, and didn’t remember speaking to his former chief of staff, David Livingston, about the gas plant records.

According to police documents, Livingston is being investigated for possible breach of trust. His lawyer told the Canadian Press he has done nothing illegal.

In the interview, McGuinty told police that Livingston was ultimately responsible for records management in the premier’s office.