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Mayor Ford's approval rating lowest since 2010: poll

A new poll shows Mayor Rob Ford’s approval rating has fallen to a record low.

According to the Forum Research survey, published in Monday’s Toronto Star, Ford’s approval rating has fallen to 28 per cent — the lowest since he was elected mayor in 2010.

Of the mayoral candidates running against Ford, John Tory had an approval rating of 68 per cent, followed by Olivia Chow at 64 per cent, David Soknacki at 54 per cent and Karen Stintz at 48 per cent.

Ford is “no longer a contender in any of the tested mayoral matchups,” the Star reported citing the poll.

The poll suggests that if the election were held tomorrow, mayoral candidate Chow would win, while Tory would finish second, and Ford would be third.

The mayor is undergoing rehabilitation for alcohol abuse at the GreeneStone facility in Muskoka.

On Friday, the Toronto Sun reported that Ford is planning to return to Toronto on June 30 and says the city will see a different Ford and that he plans to make amends for past mistakes.

His brother, Coun. Doug Ford, said the mayor will be back to work on July 1.

Earlier in the week, in an appearance on City The 5, Coun. Ford said that once his brother is back on the campaign trail, the public will see a different man but hear the same message.