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Shortcuts actually add to commute time, study says

As you brace for another frustrating morning of stop-and-go commuting, it might be tempting to try to find a way around the gridlock, even if it takes you off the highways.

But a new study says, don’t bother.

The study found that shortcuts actually add 50 per cent more travel time to commutes.

The study, published by TomTom, a company that specializes in navigation and mapping products, ranks Toronto as the second most congested city in Canada.

The top seven most congested cities in Canada ranked by overall Congestion level in 2013 are:

  • Vancouver
  • Toronto
  • Ottawa
  • Montreal
  • Calgary
  • Quebec
  • Edmonton

The study also shows that Thursday evenings are the worst for traffic.

The study says that in Toronto, the total extra time commuting equals 34 hours per year, based on a 30-minute trip made outside of rush hour.

Click here to read the full report.

Do you try and take shortcuts to work, or do you stick to the main routes? Let us know in comments.