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Ford wants to make amends as he plans political comeback: report

Don’t call it a comeback. Mayor Rob Ford is outlining his plans for his return to city hall and the campaign trail.

The mayor, who is undergoing rehabilitation for alcohol abuse at the GreeneStone facility in Muskoka, told Toronto Sun reporter Joe Warmington about his plans.

Ford is planning to return to Toronto on June 30 and says the city will see a different Ford and that he plans to make amends for past mistakes.

According to the Sun, Ford says he misses the people of Toronto and is looking forward to trying to make up for all that’s happened, including the racist, homophobic and misogynist remarks that were captured on tape.

Coun. Doug Ford appeared on City The 5 on Monday and said his brother has admitted he has a problem.

“Absolutely he has,” said Coun. Ford. “He’s admitted he had an issue he has to deal with and he’s getting the right help he needs.”

Coun. Ford said that once his brother is back on the campaign trail, the public will see a different man but hear the same message.

“The next four months you’re going to see a different Rob Ford, in my opinion, personally,” he said. “You’re going to see the exact same Rob Ford when it comes to policies, when it comes to holding people accountable fiscally.”

However, Ford agreed that should his brother stumble again it could be the end of his political career.

“I’ll agree with that,” Coun. Ford stated.


SOURCE: Toronto Sun Facebook page
SOURCE: Toronto Sun Facebook page

According to the Sun report, Ford acknowledges there is more rehabilitative work to be done in the next month, but he says he’s getting better.

He stresses he can’t wait to be back in the mayoral race as a different person – he says he’s learned his lesson, feels good and has lost some weight. He says the rehab program has given him a foundation for life without substances.

Ford entered rehab a month ago — after audio recordings of him making controversial remarks surfaced as well as another video allegedly showing him smoking crack cocaine.

680News political affairs specialist John Stall spoke with Warmington about his conversation with Ford.

Listen to the interview below: