Conflicting results over who is in the lead in the provincial election after two separate polls were released on Wednesday.

According to a Forum Research poll, Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals are in the lead with 38 per cent popular support, with the Progressive Conservatives in second place at 35 per cent.

However, an Ipsos Reid poll for CTV and CP24 shows Tim Hudak’s Tories are leading with 39 per cent support and the Liberals in second at 30 per cent.

The NDP come in third in both polls.

Forum research president Lorne Bozinoff said his numbers are bad news for the PC’s plan to cut public sector jobs.

“We’re talking possible half a million Ontarians being affected by that plan so there’s bound to be concerns about that,” Bozinoff told 680News. “I think the Tories are trying to soften that now, talking more about attrition.”

He says a Liberal gain could put the Tories on the defensive.

“Kathleen Wynne’s already been talking about the Tories pink slip pledge so they’re going to attack the Tories and it’s going to put the Tories on the defensive,” he said.

However, Bozinoff pointed out the campaign isn’t over yet.

“We have four weeks to go in the campaign, that’s a long, long time and the parties will be adjusting their strategies based on these results,” he said.

After a rocky start to the campaign by all candidates, the Ipsos poll found Ontarians were largely unmoved and slightly disappointed, with about half saying the campaigns had no impact at all.