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Swords and sorcery: Alberta parents like science fiction, fantasy for baby names

EDMONTON – Alberta parents looking for something different to name their babies took a turn toward science fiction and fantasy in 2013.

The medieval fantasy television drama “Game of Thrones” contributed the names Arya (AHR’-yah), Sansa and Daenarys (deh-NAIR’-ihs) for girls, and Tyrion, Theon and Martell for boys.

“The Hunger Games” trilogy may have provided inspiration for babies named Peeta, Cato, Rue and Primrose.

And the Harry Potter series of books and movies was represented with names such as Hermione (her-MYE’-on-nee), Ginny and Draco (DRAY’-coh).

Liam remained the favourite on the Top 10 list of more traditional boy names, but Olivia edged out Emma as the most popular girl name.

It was a record year for births — 53,090 newborns — eclipsing the old mark set in 2012 by 651 births.