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Doctor confirms Rob Ford is in a rehab facility in North America: CBC


A doctor has confirmed that Rob Ford is in a rehab facility somewhere in North America, the CBC reports.

According to CBC News, Ford arrived for treatment last Thursday night and has been under medical care ever since.

He left the original facility on Saturday and was admitted to a hospital for four days before returning on Wednesday, the report states.

There have been questions as to whether or not Ford was really in rehab, after reports that he was returning phone calls and was spotted at a west-end coffee shop. His brother, Coun. Doug Ford, later came forward saying it was him, not Rob, who was seen at a Tim Horton’s in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood.

Speaking with the mayor’s permission, the supervising doctor at the facility told the CBC that he or she has “every assurance and confidence he was nowhere else.”

Coun. Ford told the CBC that Ford has been under around-the-clock medical care, but that his location would be withheld to protect other patients from media attention.

Coun. Ford was not immediately available for comment when contacted by CityNews on Friday night.