OTTAWA – Nine themes identified in the new research effort “Transparent Lives: Surveillance in Canada,” to be released Thursday at a conference at the University of Ottawa:

1. Surveillance is expanding rapidly — our newly digital existence has dramatically multiplied possibilities for surveillance.

2. The accelerating demand for greater security drives much surveillance.

3. Public and private agencies are increasingly intertwined.

4. It is more difficult to decide what information is private and what is not.

5. Mobile and location-based surveillance is expanding.

6. Surveillance practices and processes are becoming globalized.

7. Surveillance is now embedded in everyday environments such as cars, buildings, and homes.

8. The human body is increasingly a source of surveillance. Fingerprinting, iris scanning, facial recognition, and DNA records are now commonly used to identify individuals.

9. Social surveillance is growing — social media have facilitated an explosion of digitally enabled people watching.

(Source: “Transparent Lives: Surveillance in Canada”)