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Police warn of break-ins in north Toronto neighbourhoods


Professional thieves and opportunists have been making off with “hundreds of thousands annually” of goods from a wealthy Toronto enclave, according to police.

In the last eight months, an average of 20 homes have been burgled every month in the area bounded by Eglinton Avenue, Bayview Avenue, Bathurst Street, and Highway 401 — which includes neighbourhoods such as Lawrence Park and Hoggs Hollow.

Thieves have made off with cars, jewellery, even car tires during the spree.

Police set up a command post Saturday near the Ledbury Community Centre at 146 Ledbury St. to address the issue and advise residents how to better safeguard against thefts.

Police believe groups of professional thieves are operating in the area, and are following up on some individuals they have identified.

They also think some homes are chosen at random by opportunists spotting unshovelled driveways or overflowing mailboxes.

The affluence of the area makes it a target, according to police.

The proximity to Highway 401 may also be a factor, said Michael Goldenberg, an area resident whose wife’s car was stolen off their drive-way years ago.

Police also believe the high number of renovations in the area makes it easier for thieves to blend in with the comings and goings.

Police are asking residents to take precautions, such as locking their doors, asking neighbours to check-in when they go out of town, and install alarm systems.