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Air Canada passengers watch as carry-on luggage goes flying at Pearson

It wasn’t just planes soaring through the air at Pearson Airport Thursday.

Passengers on Air Canada flight 137 caught baggage handlers tossing luggage 20 feet from the top of a moving staircase to a bin below.

Dwayne Stewart and his seat mate, Darren, watched as “dozens and dozens of bags” were casually tossed.

“We were quite surprised to watch bags landing on top of bags,” Stewart told CityNews.

He said the bags were mostly carry-on luggage that had to be checked at the gate due to overcrowding in the overhead bins.

Stewart said passengers carry laptops and other delicate items in their carry-on with the expectation that they will be in control of the bag during travel.

“To have your bag tossed is probably the opposite of why you carried your bag on to the plane … who knows what’s in those bags,” he added.

Stewart said he didn’t want to hold-up the Vancouver-bound flight by complaining at the time.

But he had posted the video to YouTube before the plane left the ground.

He said he hopes the video will alert the airline to this haphazard solution to what he sees as a common problem.

“I understand the pressures that are taking place at the time, but give them a better option. A slide. A ramp. Some solution that makes sense.”

Stewart’s bag was not tossed.

Responding to tweets from Stewart and Darren, Air Canada promised to investigate the incident.

Click here to report damaged baggage to Air Canada.