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High river levels force evacuations in several Quebec communities

MONTREAL – Several rivers have overflowed their banks in Quebec, forcing evacuations in multiple locations.

A seniors’ residence has been evacuated because of flooding of the Sainte- Anne River in Saint-Raymond, northwest of Quebec City. The same area was flooded twice in 2012, forcing 700 people from their homes.

In Quebec City, authorities say the water levels of several rivers have reached crisis level and an emergency preparedness plan has been activated.

Some 30 homes have been evacuated along the Montmorency River.

In Sherbrooke, the Saint-Francois River has reached 6.7 meters, much higher than its normal level of 1.8 meters. Officials had initially evacuated 30 people living near the river but later decided to evacuate another 100 citizens.

Evacuations have also been carried out in Trois-Rivieres and in Lennoxville and Weedon in the Eastern Townships south of Montreal.