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Toronto police searching for 4 bank robbery suspects

The Toronto police hold-up squad has released photos and a video of what they call the “phantom four”.

Police are searching for four solo bank robbery suspected, thought to be behind a total of 12 bank heists in six months since the fall.

Combined, the incidents have caused a 75 per cent spike in bank robberies in the city compared to the same period last year.

The most active of the four robbery suspects is a man police call the “mummy bandit.” Police say he has robbed seven banks dating back to October.

Police staff inspector Mike Earl said the “mummy” usually wears a scarf wrapped around his face except on one occasion when he smeared lipstick on his face.

See video of the “mummy bandit” below.

Another suspect, who police call the “box-cutter bandit,” named for his weapon of choice, is wanted for three bank hold-ups. He only strikes on Wednesdays.

“Just like a lucky baseball player, he got lucky on a Wednesday and didn’t change that habit,” Earl said.

Police also want to catch the “pleather bandit,” who wore a faux leather jacket during his robbery and the “man in black bandit” who was dressed in black head-to-toe for his hold-up.

See video of the “man in black bandit” below.