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Ford says he's been cleared of wrongdoing, police say it's not over

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford said he has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the alleged crack video case but media lawyers and police say … not so fast.

The OPP have stepped back from the Toronto police investigation into the mayor and he takes that as vindication.

“I knew the day was going to come that I’d be cleared and I guess today’s the day,” Ford said.

It may be a bit premature for Ford to be making that claim.

Mark Pugash with Toronto police told 680News that the investigation isn’t over yet.

“Project Brazen 2 is an ongoing investigation. There is still work to be done,” Pugash explained. “When the investigation is concluded, we expect to sit down with the OPP and the crown to decide what the next step is.”

However, multiple sources told CBC and CTV are suggesting that sources say charges won’t be laid against Ford but Peter Jacobson, a media lawyer, told680News he’s heard the rumour and doesn’t know if the Crown has confirmed that.

An OPP spokesman said there’s been no new evidence providing since it moved into the oversight role early last month.

The latest documents released on Thursday detail third-party sources saying Ford knew dirty cops.