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Teacher accused of forcing student to eat from garbage suspended

A teacher at a Simcoe school has been suspended after allegations she forced a Grade 3 student to eat a rotten banana from the garbage, CityNews has learned.

The teacher will be off the job pending a full investigation into the incident.

Jordan Stewart says her eight-year-old daughter was humiliated after the teacher allegedly forced her to take the banana out of the trash and eat it at Ecole Sainte-Marie in Simcoe.

Stewart spoke to the teacher, the school’s principal, and the French Catholic school board, but said she didn’t feel they were taking the situation seriously.

“The teacher explained to me that she was just trying to teach her good food values,” Stewart said.

Stewart then called the Children’s Aid Society, which prompted the board to investigate and ultimately suspend the teacher.

CityNews has learned that the teacher resigned from the Halton School Board in March 2012 after facing several allegations dating back to 2009.

Documents from the Ontario College of Teachers show the instructor received two unsatisfactory performance appraisals and “did not demonstrate a commitment to the well-being and development of her students.

It also says she “did not treat all students equitably and with respect.”

However, since a hearing hasn’t taken place, the teacher retains a status of ‘Good Standing’ by the College, meaning she’s qualified to continue working.