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'Spiceman' restaurant owner guilty of assault

A restaurant owner dubbed the “Spiceman” for his unusual weapon of choice was found guilty of assault with a weapon on Friday.

The allegation stemmed from an incident at Maroli Indian Kerala Restaurant on Bloor Street near Bathurst Street in August 2011.

Naveen Polapady used a broom covered in masala mix to attack a man who was collecting bottles in the alleyway behind the restaurant, the court ruled.

Polapady believed the man had robbed the restaurant before and said he used the broom to defend himself, as well as his family, who live above the restaurant.

During the trial, Polapady testified he feared for his life and attacked in self-defence.

However, the judge ruled Polapady went far beyond what was required, and said he acted in anger, not self-defence.

The victim, Emanuel Belo, who didn’t break into the restaurant but was collecting bottles outside, stated his eyes were stinging, he couldn’t breathe and he was struck on the head and needed stitches after the attack.

Polapady’s case is similar to that of Chinatown grocer David Chen, who chased and then bound a thief who stole plants from his store, The Lucky Moose, in 2009.

Chen and his two co-accused were found not guilty of assault and forcible confinement.

With files from Marianne Boucher