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New episodes of Ford brothers YouTube show released

The latest videos from the Ford brothers YouTube show, Ford Nation, have been released.

Three videos were released on Wednesday night, with around five minutes of material in total.

Mayor Rob Ford and his brother, Coun. Doug Ford, answered questions submitted by viewers, including one about how the mayor deals with his celebrity status.

Rob Ford says he doesn’t consider himself a celebrity, despite being the focus of jokes by late-night talk show hosts, while his brother hints the mayor could soon be a guest on one of them.

“I’m not a celebrity, and I don’t like being called an international celebrity. If the late-night shows want to make fun of me, that’s their job — let them make fun of me,” Mayor Ford said in the video.

“They’ve also calling every night to get you on, by the way,” Doug added.

“I didn’t know what,” Rob replied.

“[…] You know something, you might go on one of them,” the councillor said.

Mayor Ford attended the Big City Mayors’ Caucus in Ottawa on Wednesday, where one college student called him “the Kardashian of mayors.”

The Ford brothers started uploading episodes of their show to YouTube on Feb. 10 after the radio and TV editions of Ford Nation were cancelled late in 2013.

Watch the three videos below:

In the Feb. 18 episode, Mayor Ford released his top 10 list of councillors that he wants to see toppled in the October election, and rallied those who share his political leanings to run against them.

With files from Michael Talbot, CityNews.ca