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YOUR REACTION: Fans celebrating Team Canada's semi-final win

It was only a semi-final game, but Canadians celebrated today’s win over the United States as if it was the gold medal game.

Get ready for more when Team Canada takes on Sweden in the final game on Sunday.

Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone describes this video as “Entrepreneurs watching the Canadian Men’s Semi-Final Sochi Olympic Hockey game at The Digital Media Zone.” The purple-shirted entrepreneur is especially pumped, but able to quickly refocus on, presumably, entrepreneuring.

Students and staff at Toronto’s Upper Canada College celebrated Team Canada’s win in a dramatically-lit auditorium.

Don’t let these little girls’ relaxed-looking reclines fool you, they are PUMPED.

Pylons and safety tape contain the electronics, but nothing can contain the enthusiasm of this high school crowd.

One student’s valiant efforts to start a celebratory countdown with 14 seconds left are overshadowed by a chant of “Na, na, na. Hey, hey, hey. Goodbye!” Good try anyway, countdown kid! We’re proud of you.