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Dozens complain after Valentine’s Day flowers not delivered

The day of love came up short for some customers after flowers they had paid for were not delivered on Valentine’s Day.

“You have this idea planned out, and it completely ruins your day and the whole concept of this Valentine’s Day thing,” Roy Amoah told CityNews.

Amoah said he spent more than $100 on a dozen red roses for his fiancé through the website Bloomex.ca but the flowers never showed up.

“I just expected her to be kind of trolling along and what not and just waiting for the day to end and then somewhere before 12 o’ clock just to be completely surprised by these flowers,” he explained. “This was the main thing that I had set up for her and it was kind of unfortunate coming home. “

Amoah is just one of dozens of people who voiced their complaints about delivery issues with the company.

Many took to social media to express their frustration.




CityNews attempted to reach out to Bloomex for comment, but they have yet to respond.

Ivan Martysh who lives in Ukraine said he had spent $160 in roses which were to be sent to his long-distance girlfriend at Seneca College – only to find the flowers were delivered to the wrong address.

“I was planning the gift for a week and I wanted to make Valerie happy and it was really disappointing because they crushed Valentine’s Day for me and Valerie,” he explained.

Another man from Kitchener said a Valentine’s bouquet that was supposed to arrive at a Guelph office by noon showed up hours later after the office was closed and the flowers browned overnight.

The upset customers say they want a full refund from Bloomex.

“They didn’t deliver my gift to my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day so why should they take my money?” asked Martysh.

“So far I’ve gotten a refund of $4 which is the difference between the regular delivery and the 12 p.m. delivery,” said Amoah. “I guess I could buy myself a venti cappuccino.”

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