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Sentencing underway for North York doctor who abused patients

Dr. George Doodnaught was found guilty of sexually assaulting women while they were undergoing surgery. CITYNEWS/Marianne Boucher

Victim impact statements were read on the first of a two-day sentencing hearing for a North York doctor who abused 21 female patients.

The incidents happened between February of 2006 and February of 2010 when Dr. George Doodnaught worked as an anesthesiologist at North York General Hospital.

The doctor was convicted in November of sexually assaulting patients while they were sedated.

In the statements some victims said that because of the assault they have lost their careers while other say they have lost their trust for the men they love.

One of the victims, who cannot be identified because of a publication ban, explained why she decided to read her statement aloud.

“I spoke my statement to George because he’s the one that did it. He’s the guilty person,” she said. “He needs to hear from me, even if it’s to the back of his head, what I think of him and how he’s impacted me.

Doodnaught is facing jail time.

The maximum sentence for one count of sexual assault is 10 years in prison.

The Crown is asking for 12-15 years, while the defence lawyer Brian Greenspan is asking for a range of 8-10 years.