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TTC considering fewer streetcar stops to reduce congestion

TTC staff is considering eliminating some of its closely spaced streetcar stops to speed up trips and improve rider safety as part of a review of its more than 10,000 bus and streetcar stops.

In its report, TTC staff said eliminating some stops would reduce customer journey times and “avoid the stop-and-go effect of closely-spaced stops.”

The commission says it launched the review because the bus and streetcar stops in its transit network were put in place several decades ago and operating conditions have now changed.

Most streetcar routes operate in mixed traffic and, because they are located in the centre of streets, passengers must cross a lane of traffic when getting on or off. And that exposes them to the risk of traffic accidents.

Staff concluded the best locations for streetcar stops is at transit signals or pedestrian crossovers.

To illustrate the proposed changes, the TTC included a map showing three fewer stops between Church and Spadina on the Queen streetcar line.

The issue of very closely-spaced streetcar stops was also considered a problem that contributes to congestion on downtown roadways.

Staff is proposing the commission get rid of the 39 Sunday stops, which were established many years ago to reduce the walking distance to nearby downtown churches. They are “lightly used” and less than 100 metres from a regular streetcar stop.

Click here to read the staff report.

TTC staff will provide a follow-up report at the commission’s next meeting on Feb. 24.

A review of bus stops is the subject of a future report.

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