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Executive committee approves deal between Casa Loma, Liberty Entertainment

TORONTO – Mayor Rob Ford’s executive committee debated a host of measures on Wednesday, including the fate of Casa Loma and funding for Toronto Community Housing.

Ford was at an event at the Globe and Mail in the morning and deputy mayor Norm Kelly chaired the meeting.

Casa Loma

The executive committee voted unanimously on Wednesday to lease Casa Loma to Liberty Entertainment Group.

The 20-year deal will install a fine dining restaurant and banquet hall in the 98-room Edwardian landmark.

The Kiwanis Club ran the landmark for 73 years, but the city scrapped the agreement about two years ago — and Toronto City Hall has been accepting proposals ever since.

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The proposed deal will next be considered by city council at its next meeting on Nov. 13.

Toronto Community Housing

The committee will decide whether to approve a 10-year funding plan for the TCHC, including an increase to its annual operating budget for capital backlog repairs to $50-million for 2013.

A report from the city manager is also requesting that the committee will direct the TCHC to allocate any unspent annual capital repair funding into a State of Good Repair Reserve Fund.

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Bayside development

The city is considering buying lakefront condos for affordable housing.

If approved, the city will contribute $15-million in capital funding for the construction of approximately 71 affordable rental homes in the Bayside Development, near Queen’s Quay.

Ford has said he opposes the motion, telling the Toronto Sun that prime lakefront property should not be used for affordable housing.

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Bixi bike-share program

The city is considering a confidential motion that could save the Bixi bike-sharing program.

Bixi, which launched in May 2011, is carrying a $3.9-million debt.

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Property tax levy

The committee will consider an interim property tax levy for 2014. It would be based on 50 per cent of the total 2013 taxes billed for each property, adjusted, as necessary, to reflect any additional taxes added to the previous year’s taxes as a result of assessment added to the tax roll.

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