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City facing roadblocks as it tries to save Bixi bike-share program

The City of Toronto is running into roadblocks in its attempt to save the Bixi bike-sharing program.

The company that operates the bike-sharing program in Toronto has been given a Nov. 13 deadline to reach a deal with the city or face bankruptcy.

“We thought we had a deal until up until very, very recently, and then all of a sudden the deal fell through,” says Public Works Committee Chair Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong.

Saving the Bixi bike-sharing program may not be possible.

“So we’ve been working in good faith trying to save Bixi and they’ve been making it very difficult for us, changing terms, asking for unreasonable things,” explained Minnan-Wong.

“We are concerned they do not have a handle on their own affairs, and we are concerned that they keep changing the terms of the agreement that we’re trying to reach.”

If the Bixi bike-sharing program can’t be saved, the city will lose $3.9 million — the amount of money it loaned Bixi to help get its operation started.