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Friday's Lotto Max jackpot estimated at $50-million

TORONTO, Ont. – Friday night’s Lotto Max jackpot is worth $50-million, and many are already planning how they would spend all of that cash.

At Yonge and Bloor, Friday, people were quick to dream.

“I’d take a really long vacation and travel the world, do some things I wouldn’t do, buy a car, buy a house, something like that,” one man told 680News.

“I’d probably donate some to charity and then help my family out, take a big vacation maybe,” said one woman.

Others plan to be conservative – should they win the big prize.

“The boring answer is invest it,” one woman said, “but I’d probably quit my job.”

The general consensus is that most would-be winners would take a vacation.

There are also 10 $1-million prizes up for grabs.