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Good Shepherd turns to Twitter in #HomelessTurkey campaign

From October 9 to 11, Good Shepherd is using the power of Twitter to help feed Toronto’s homeless.

For every 1,000 tweets that include the hashtag #HomelessTurkey, 10 turkeys will be donated to Good Shepherd’s Thanksgiving meal.

Every time ‘#HomelessTurkey’ is used in a tweet, a small portion of feed is dispensed from Good Shepherd’s feeder to three lucky turkeys that have been spared from their Thanksgiving fate.

“It’s hard to give money or food to every homeless person you pass on the street, but it’s very easy to tweet,” said Brother David Lynch, Executive Director of Good Shepherd said in a statement.

“Not only can Toronto help us feed as many people as possible this holiday season, but by spreading the word socially, they are also helping us raise awareness for the food and shelter Good Shepherd provides year-round for our city’s less fortunate.”

Tweet #HomelessTurkey and watch the turkeys eat.

For more information visit the Good Shepherd’s website.