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Women more rude behind the wheel: survey

Last Updated Aug 11, 2015 at 8:56 am EDT

Who do you think are the most rude behind the wheel — men or women?

A survey by Insurance.com in the U.S. found women are more likely than men to curse or give the finger while driving.

However, men are twice as likely to key another person’s car or flash drivers with their high-beams.

Some survey results

Honked at slow driver

  • 39 per cent (women)
  • 43 per cent (men)

Swore in front of the children while driving

  • 44 per cent (women)
  • 30 per cent (men)

Flipped off another driver

  • 31 per cent (women)
  • 27 per cent (men)

Tailgated another driver

  • 21 per cent (women)
  • 16 per cent (men)

Flashed another driver with high-beams

  • 11 per cent (men)
  • 4 per cent (women)

Keyed another driver’s car

  • 7 per cent (men)
  • 3 per cent (women)

The survey, which was conducted in April 2013, included 500 men and 500 women with children age 12 and under.

In Toronto, 680News took to the streets to gauge public opinion on which gender swears more while driving.

“Give the finger, swearing, cursing … people irritate you on the road,” said Sharon, a long-distance driver, and added that she does it daily.

Leon James, a psychology professor at the University of Hawaii, who conducted research on driving behaviours, said women act more aggressively behind the wheel than at home or a public place because they feel more safer and anonymous while driving.

“Security — I’m in a closed vehicle; nobody can yell back at me,” said Jamie, who admitted she loses it all the time on fellow commuters and let’s them have it.


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