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Police identify 2 men shot dead in Vaughan

VAUGHAN, Ont. – Police have identified two men who died in a shooting outside a Vaughan banquet hall on Friday morning.

Salvatore Calautti, 41, and James Tusek, 35, both of Toronto, were both shot.

The two men were targeted, police say.

York police were called to Terrace Banquet Hall on Creditstone Road, near Rutherford Road and Jane Street, at around 1 a.m.

Police said the men were shot while they were sitting in a black BMW vehicle outside the hall, in the parking lot.

The Toronto Star has identified one of the victims as a GTA mobster and a suspect in at least five unsolved murders.

“At this point, investigators believe that it was not a random attack,” Toronto police constable Blair McQuillan said.

They’re not confirming media reports that one of the men was shot in the head as he sat in a car in the parking lot or that the incident is linked to organized crime.

Insp. David MacDonald would only say in an email that “every avenue” of the investigation is being explored.

Reports are that one of the men was believed to be shot in the head in the driver’s seat. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

The second man was found on the ground outside the vehicle with two shots to his abdomen and one to his chest. He died in hospital.

A forensic investigation unit remained on the scene Friday afternoon while MacDonald said autopsies are scheduled for Saturday morning.

It appears both men were at a large stag party inside the hall at that time. Around 200 people were in attendance, according to reports.

No arrests have been made.