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Ford calls for review of Toronto's emergency procedures

The City of Toronto is assessing how services coped with the biggest one-day rainfall in the city’s history.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and senior city officials have provided an update on the situation.

Ford said the city has to do better so he’s ordered the city manager to do a complete review of emergency response procedures.

“I’m glad that we got through it. I think we did a satisfactory job but I’m still not happy,” Ford said.

Toronto Hydro president Anthony Haines said the system is struggling because a main Hydro One feeder station remains out and he’s asking everyone to power down as much as they can on Tuesday.

“(We need to) take that pressure off that backbone system until such time Hydro One has an opportunity to get into that station,” Haines said.

Ford has been touring some of the hardest-hit areas including the water treatment plant on the Queensway.

The automatic screening system stopped working when the power went out.