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Oxygen facial used by Madonna comes to Toronto


A skin treatment used by the stars including Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Donna Versace and Heather Locklear is now available in Toronto.

It’s called an oxygen facial – a non-surgical, no-botox method that plumps up and firms the skin, reduces or removes wrinkles and makes your skin glow.

It’s all natural and apparently it works.

Madonna loves the treatment so much she is endorsing it and has a treatment before every one of her shows because you can apply makeup right after.

It takes about an hour and is available at the Old Mill Spa in Toronto.

The intraceutical oxygen-infusion process begins with a thorough cleansing. Then a combination of hyaluronic acid is applied along with a vitamin combination of A, E, C, green tea and Aloe Vera – nothing abrasive or harsh.

There is an oxygen massage that follows – tiny puffs of pure oxygen help the creams get deep into several layers of the skin so the results are longer-lasting.