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Toronto man says Dellen Millard was last person missing ex-girlfriend spoke to before disappearing

There is a new twist in the Tim Bosma murder case after a Toronto man says the last call his ex-girlfriend made before she went missing last summer was to Dellen Millard.

Shawn Lerner said his ex-girlfriend Laura Babcock went missing last June

Lerner told 680News that he obtained Babcock’s phone records, which showed several calls between her and Millard, including the last one before she went missing.

He met Millard face-to face-to talk about Laura’s disappearance and initially, Millard denied receiving her calls.

“He finally relented and admitted that okay, it was eight calls,” Lerner said. “Then he said that Laura contacted him asking for a place to stay and asked him about drugs and he denied both of those requests.”

After Millard had been connected to the Bosma murder investigation, Lerner said the police have started to take the missing person case seriously.

“For eleven months she’s been missing, we couldn’t even get the police to take it seriously. They just wrote her off as a runaway,” Lerner said. “Now finally with this, they finally seem to be doing it right.”

Meanwhile, Hamilton police believe they will have completed their forensic analysis of two locations west of Cambridge and three vehicles seized in connection with the Tim Bosma case by tomorrow.

Details are slowly being released as a police source told CBC News that investigators believe Bosma was killed inside his truck, during a struggle as part of an attempted hijacking.

That same source said Bosma’s truck was found with seats missing.

CBC News has also obtained documents confirming Dellen Millard – charged with first-degree murder — purchased a condo in Toronto’s Distillery District less than 24 hours after Bosma went missing.

Records show Millard bought the two-bedroom, two-bathroom 37th floor unit for about $627,000 in cash on May 7 around 2:30 p.m.

Bosma had gone missing the night before around 9:30 p.m.

Meanwhile, a public memorial service for Tim Bosma is scheduled for Wednesday at a Hamilton Convention Hall.

The service will be at Carmen’s on Stonechurch Road East in Hamilton at 11 a.m.

Several condolence books were set up for the public to sign at the Old Town Hall in Ancaster, the suburban Hamilton Community that Bosma lived in.

The number of tips has topped 700 but the identification of two outstanding suspects is still being sought by police.

Investigators are urging people that have information about who is responsible for the murder of Tim Bosma to call their tip line (at 905- 546-2100) or (to call) crime stoppers at 1-800-222-tips.